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Designing and Evaluating Projects to Increase Social Capital in Refugee Communities

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Workshop outline

Social capital refers to social relationships, connections, networks and resources that exist within a community, as well as the ‘norms’ or qualities that govern social interaction, such as trust and cooperation. This one day workshop is designed to enhance participants understanding and knowledge of social capital in the context of working with refugee communities in Australia; social capital project design and evaluation skills using a range of ethical quantitative and qualitative techniques and approaches; and using the Social Capital Evaluation Tool.

Workshop program

  • Defining social capital
  • Social capital and refugee communities in Australia
  • Designing and evaluating projects to strengthen social capital
  • Project design and evaluation using story boards

Target group

Suitable for community workers who are engaged in developing and conducting projects designed to increase social capital amongst resettled refugees. However other staff, including clinicians who are interested in building their understanding of the importance of social capital in people’s lives, will also benefit.